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With oral care of increasing importance to people everywhere in the world, DenTek takes its mantra – Oral Health for Life – very seriously. We provide innovative dental care, with products including tongue cleaners, floss picks, interdental brushes, kids’ products and more. Our products are available in over 30 countries worldwide and in major retail stores in US including Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and Kroger. Now, using our partners at Crocus Brands, we have launched our products in India via our India-focused online store and distribution network.

We have a professional line of products for dentists and dental professionals in India to help them encourage patients to give their smiles a little love. We also run a membership program called Love Your Smile, Doc! (LYS, D!). This program is exclusively for Dental Community where we offer multiple benefits and discounts. Interested? Become a member and enjoy those benefits.

A Worldwide Leader Brand in Innovative Oral Care Products For Over 30 Years.

DenTek Oral Care is owned by Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc., which markets and distributes brand name over-the-counter healthcare and household cleaning products throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia and in certain other international markets.

Other core brands include Monistat® women’s health products, Nix® lice treatment, Chloraseptic® sore throat treatments, Clear Eyes® eye care products, Compound W® wart treatments, The Doctor's® NightGuard® dental protector, Little Remedies® pediatric products, Efferdent® denture care products, Luden's® throat drops, Dramamine® motion sickness treatment, BC® and Goody's® pain relievers, Debrox® earwax remover, and Gaviscon® antacid in Canada. More info at

Our Location

Our US Headquarters are located in Tarrytown, New York. Locally in India, we are based out of New Delhi NCR.

As our world continues to grasp for a great smile, we're thinking up new oral care products daily. If you are a distributor or retailer who wants to distribute our products, we will be happy to talk about it. Please, call at +91-9999 245547 or email us at